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Who is ColDesi?

ColDesi is extremely proud to offer an amazing product line of Direct to Garment Printers, embroidery machines, screen-printing equipment, Digitizing software and embroidery supplies. We are committed to helping beginners and established companies alike succeed in their business ventures but also by providing the equipment, but by offering the support, training and care needed to make them successful. In fact, ColDesi's online and on-site training programs were recently highlighted in Stitches Magazine, a leading industry publication.

Our mission has always been to develop long-term relationships with our existing and new customers and that is only possible with our outstanding consultants and support staff. We are in a People business and our success rests on the people working within the company and how they work with you. It's easy to say you have the best service in the industry, but it has to be felt.

We hope that from the first meeting, phone call or email… you feel it.

A brief history of ColDesi, Inc.

ColDesi was founded in 1999 (formerly SWF East) and is a leading distributor of high-quality embroidery equipment, bling machines, and DTG digital garment printers. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida (with offices throughout United States, ColDesi has become a leader in the industry with its multi-disciplined and experienced staff and premium product lines.

Since helping bring direct to garment printing to the U.S., ColDesi has also been named the sole distributor for CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machines and has introduced 2 more major equipment brands to the marketplace; ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine and the brand new Avance line of commercial industrial embroidery equipment. 

Our business grows when YOU grow, so if you're looking for apparel decorating equipment, we hope you'll grow with us!

New Embroidery Machines!

Our New Line of Commercial Embroidery Machines is HERE!


We've been working on this new product line of embroidery equipment so we can offer you a real VALUE that get's you in business sooner and expanding business faster. Visit the Avance website now so you can read about our newest addition, ability to sew on caps and flats, 2 million stitch memory, great software bundle AND its 2 year, 100% Trade Up guarantee.

How to start a custom t shirt business
ColDesi personnel have a combined experience of more than 500 years in the apparel decorating industry, give us an unprecedented expertise in the industry. 
We've distilled some of that knowledge into our FREE ebook: "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Starting a Custom T Shirt Business". Click here to download.

ColDesi is a well respected name in the apparel decorating industry and we have our choice of equipment to represent. This means we can be, and have been, picky about the products we offer our customers!

That's why we represent DTG Brand Direct to Garment Printers, CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machines, Avance Commercial Embroidery Machine and have recently introduced the new ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine to the Americas. 

Selling the best quality products we can find just makes good sense. The better the products, the more successful our customers will be.

To learn more about ColDesi's apparel decorating equipment options, visit our Equipment Page now.

Our customers matter!  Our customer's success is important to us, we strive to equip our customers with the best training and support service.

Every machine sold by ColDesi, whether it's for rhinestone transfer production, T-shirt printing, embroidery, or making spangle transfers comes with training. We insist on training because we've found it to be a determining factor in our customers' success. But it doesn't stop with Training alone, each machine, even our reconditioned units, comes with a warranty and frequently a Trade Up Guarantee as well.

For more information about ColDesi Training and Support, visit our support portal here.

Featured Customer

Company: My Rhinestone Transfer
Owner: Teresa Griffin
Year Established:  2007
Decorating Technique: Rhinestone Transfers
Type of business: Contract & Retail Rhinestone transfers
Website: http://www.myrhinestonetransfer.com

How glitz and stones became a successful business.

How did your business get started and why? 
We started our business 4 years ago as a home based business to generate extra income. In the beginning we had a website that offered Bridal Rhinestone Shirts and Bachelorette Party Shirts.

What made you choose rhinestone transfers for your business model?

It was so difficult for us to get rhinestone transfers for our Bridal and Bachelorette clothing. We would have to wait 2-3 weeks for an order and if we wanted a custom design it would take even longer just to get a quote and proof. So we decided to purchase our own equipment and produce the rhinestone transfers ourselves.

What type of equipment did you purchase and why?

We started out with the Endless Libero but we figured out quickly that the equipment could not produce the transfers quickly enough. We were only able to run 3600 rhinestones per hour. In 2009, we made an appointment with ColDesi for a demonstration on the CAMS 1V-6P machine. We realized in the meeting that this was the technology we needed to meet our customers’ demands and to also grow our business. We purchased the machine and soon tripled our production at one third of the cost of the Libero. Within three months, we outgrew the 1V-6P and took advantage of ColDesi’s 100% trade-in and upgraded our equipment to three CAMS 4H-3P machines. The CAMS was not only more affordable and faster, the software was simple for our designers to use. The CAMS equipment is easy to maintain and operate it has also been so reliable that we have never been down for more than a four hour stretch.



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